About us

Who is Service Kompetenz Kompakt?

We at Service Kompetenz Kompakt are committed to our name and support the demand – and the supplier side in facility management. Competence and making are our maxim in the conception, optimization and execution of facility services and in project management. We temporarily or permanently take on positions, functions or projects (account management, area or object management, order control, responsible electrician, medical device representative, etc.)

We specialize in the automotive, aerospace, retail, pharmaceutical, banking and insurance industries and have relevant experience in operating data centers or branch networks nationally and internationally.

Our goal is to support you with our competence according to your needs, to take over required functions in your organization or to relieve you flexibly temporarily or permanently in the event of bottlenecks in your organization.

Who is Dr. Karl Ronald Miller?

As an engineer in measurement, control, regulation and electrical engineering, I was able to gain relevant national and international experience in various management positions in facility management and as a senior project engineer.

In my professional career, I have experienced the four decisive perspectives in the FM service business first-hand with research and development, in international consulting, as Head of Technology at Karstadt Warenhaus AG and in several management positions at leading facility service companies.

From the very beginning, I was fascinated by the diversity and complexity of the tasks in facility management. It became a personal challenge for me to design service organizations and processes in such a way that the acting employees remain motivated and thus the required service quality and profitability is ensured. Entrusted with this responsibility myself, I was personally faced with this challenge for many years.

With experience and competence and the right methods, tools and strategies, this challenge can be mastered. This is how the business model of Service Kompetenz Kompakt came about: Together we want to support and accompany you in your actions and in your responsibility. So that you can successfully meet your and your expectations and that the services and project management for your clients run smoothly and optimally.